In the winter of 1980, a young and ambitious Param Sandhu arrived in Canada determined to build a better future for his family. It was a time of soaring interest rates and few job opportunities in the economy. It was in this turbulent environment that Param challenged himself to follow his dream and set out to build that brighter future.

In 1983, Param started his first venture, Sandhu Electrical Ltd. and soon gained a reputation amongst builders as a skilled and trustworthy electrical contractor. In 1989, Param took his experience in the construction industry and built his first home in West Richmond. Learning much from this project, Param founded Pri-Am Construction to build luxury single-family homes throughout Richmond.

The Ampri brand was launched in 1999 as Param transitioned from single-family residential development to multi-family real estate development. This set the foundation for the evolution of the family business. Over three decades, Ampri has become a well-known builder of quality townhome developments throughout Richmond, building over 800 homes. Today, the Ampri Group has grown to become a multi-disciplinary real estate conglomerate operating Retail, Office, Residential and Agricultural properties across Canada.

Throughout the process Param helped many families start their own businesses and buy their first homes in Canada. In this way, he infused the values that drive Ampri today. Param’s son Amit Sandhu leads Ampri as CEO and carries on this legacy. This new generation brings a fresh approach to urban living, all while staying true to the family’s guiding philosophy of building communities where families can Dream, Grow and Inspire.


Only the best locations are selected for ideal livability - acknowledging that our discerning clients expect the best schools, shopping, outdoor activities, fitness facilities and entertainment at their doorstep.


All aspects of your home’s design - dimensions, proportions, uses, details and materials are addressed from the very beginning of the development process allowing maximum precision, usability and practicality.


We take a holistic approach to quality control, ensuring each home is equipped with reliable products that will stand the test of time and that all components of the home fit together harmoniously to provide a sense of comfort and security.